Ràchel Pagen: “I cried with Mufasa’s death”

If you’ve ever been to Wolvenstraat (Amsterdam) on a Friday night you might know Ràchel Pagen. It’s very easy to identify her: a tall blond girl, charming and always wearing a permanent smile. But what many people don’t know is that behind this pretty face is a character taken straight from a Woody Allen movie or, in this case the first, ms. Marshall chick. If you don’t trust me just take a look at this interview and you’ll know what I mean.

What was the funniest way that a guy hit on you?
I can’t remember a specific situation where a guy hit on me in a funny way. They either act like idiots or they are super sweet.

…and the most ridiculous one? (besides the Brazilian guy that let you slap his coat)
Was he Brazilian? That was indeed the most ridiculous one. This guy wanted me to ask his coat if he could leave the chair and offer it to me. And if the answer was no, he let me slap… the coat!! Not even the guy.

Which has been the best compliment you have ever received?
When people tell me they appreciate my crazyness.

How comes you decided to create Boringthngs?
Four years ago I followed some fashion bloggers from The Netherlands and Sweden. It was so cool what they were doing. Because of them I created my own style that I felt comfortable with. If they were able to inspire me with their pictures, maybe I could do the same for people who liked my style. So I gave it a try. On my website Boringthngs I write about minimalistic streetstyle fashion and interiors. I work together with super cool international brands and I meet many interesting people. Right now I’m working on a way to involve travelling within this concept.

Where do you see yourself in 8 years? Married? Married with kids? Living alone with 8 cats?
Hahahaha!! First of all, I don’t like cats so hopefully it’s gonna be a dog. Second, I hope I won’t be alone with my dog. Would be nice if I live in a sunny country with a guy and a mini Ràchel. My sister will be so happy when she reads this.

Let’s talk about movies:  ‘Love actually‘ or ‘The Avengers‘?
The Avengers !!! Don’t make fun of me.

Seriously? Why ‘The Avengers‘?
I think life is already full of drama. So when I want to relax with a movie I don’t want to watch anything sad otherwise I start thinking about how things are in my own life. And after watching it I feel depressed. I want to see something unrealistic, something you can fantasize about. And come on, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. are the main characters.

In a relationship, do you like more the ‘player’ type of guy you have to chase or the ‘classic good guy’?
This is a difficult question. A guy that needs to be chased doesn’t have to be a player. Most of the time it means that he is the ‘classic good guy’, since he doesn’t date you without having a good reason for it. He goes for it because he really likes you, not because he had some free time in his agenda.

Choose: a guy that makes you laugh or a sexy-looking guy.
A guy who makes me laugh. I am not a serious person at all and I can act like a real idiot. So I need a guy who is able to handle it and is crazy as well. A sexy-looking guy is nice for a couple of times, but then it get’s boring.

Tell me how is a random weekend in Ràchel’s life…
Pff I only need to say two words for this question: Gin + Tonic. Starting with some drinks after work on Friday and ending around 4 A.M. on Saturday morning. Then all Saturday I feel sick like crazy so I’m in my bed. Or if I’m lucky, I feel good and go out for lunch with friends. The rest of the weekend is relaxed; shopping, strolling around in Amsterdam or other cities in The Netherlands.

Favourite bar in Amsterdam?
Wolvenstraat 23, because all my friends are hanging out there on Fridays, they serve really good Gin&Tonics and my favorite sandwich: bacon, chicken and avocado.

Ok let’s imagine this situation: one night with Di Caprio or you whole life with Sylvester Stallone?
One night with Di Caprio!

Why not Sylvester Stallone?
Sylvester Stallone is 69 years old so that won’t be a long life together.

What is more likely? You cry because of Bambi’s death or when Rambo couldn’t feel his legs?
Hahahahahaha!! I’m losing all my sex-appeal while answering this interview. I have never watched Bambi but I did cry when Mufasa died in ‘The Lion King ‘.

Please tell me the name of the coolest Spanish guy you ever met….
MANUEL ROBLEDANO! You guys should meet this guy when he is partying.  * (in order to preserve my honor I edited the italic part).

Who is your favourite singer?
Justin Timberlake. Best concert ever!

Biggest challenge for 2016? Something you always wanted to do but you never did…
The end of March I’m going to Thailand for three weeks. First time backpacking! After four years dreaming about this, I finally booked the flight. It’s gonna be a challenge.

Who are the 3 famous men that you most admire in the world?
Obama, a President with a great sense of humor. George Clooney, 54 years old but still the most beautiful man. Blogger couple Mike Madrid & Gabriel Garcí. Probably not famous for you, but they are in the fashion and blogging industry. The are my number one source of inspiration because of their way of writing and the beautiful way they photograph their trips.

And your top female icon?
Angelina Pitt-Jolie. She is the most sexy woman on earth, a bad-ass actress and mother of six kids.

Secret hobby that almost nobody knows
Visiting photo exhibitions is something I really enjoy. I’m a big fan of the World Photo Press exhibition and the Foam museum in Amsterdam.

Can I know the most ridiculous thing you ever done in your live?
When I was 14 years old I fell in the river after drinking a bottle of Safari. It was winter so the water was freezing and I was wearing like five layers of clothing. So super heavy! After ten minutes a friend was finally capable of pulling me out. If that wasn’t enough, I fell with my head on a rock which caused a huge egg on my forhead. Great night.

One country you would like to live in besides Holland
United States: Florida or California. When I was young(er), I went there four times with my family and I loved it! I can’t wait until the moment I visit this country again. I don’t want to live there for a lifetime, but I’m definitely in for going there for a year.

Last one but not least, a sound you’d like to recommend to mr. Marshall’s readers.
My all time favourite: ‘What goes around, comes around’ by Justin Timberlake.

Spanish version

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