10 reasons why ‘Hereafter’ is underrated

On a random Sunday in January 2011, I went to the movies with my friend David to watch the latest movie directed by Clint Eastwood: Hereafter. The cast didn’t particularly catch my attention (I only knew Matt Damon) and I do not even remember if I chose the movie or whether that was my friend. Exactly 129 minutes later, however, I had the impression that the film had been cast directly into my Top 10 list of favorite films. So I turned to my friend, expecting to see and hear the same reaction, and said: “this movie is a ten!!”. To which David replied, “tsss for me is no more than a sufficient.” At that moment I felt like one of the most misunderstood people in history, but this was only the beginning. A few hours later, when I was at home looking for the soundtrack to add to my Spotify playlist, I got a Whatsapp from David saying: “Filmaffinity only gives it a 6.1, for me does not exceed a 5”. That moment triggered two simultaneous and equally irreversible effects. For my side, I decided from then on not to visit Filmaffinity as a sign of protest. Since then I only trust iMDb critics, which by the way, also rated it with a 6.5, lol. From his side, David decided to make comments in public such as: “Have you seen the movie Hereafter? It’s one of the worst movies I’ve seen in my life. ”

It’s been five years and I’m not still over it. Moreover, I recommended the movie to my friend James, honorary member of the well-known ‘Dream Team’ of Amsterdam, and he also rated the film with a 6. In his case, I have not taken the criticism seriously since he didn’t watch the movie with subtitles and 1/3 of the film is in French.

I assume that many of our readers haven’t yet watched this piece of art and they might be conditioned by sites such as Filmaffinity that know absolutely nothing about movies (just kidding, they know a lot but were just wrong with this movie). So I decided to open their eyes and show them in advance why Hereafter is a real great movie:

  1. Directed by Clint Eastwood

This reason is self-evident. Clint Eastwood is a god and everything he does is right. Just for this, before you start watching the movie you should already give it an extra point.

  1. The soundtrack is composed by …. Aha! Clint Eastwood

Everything has already been said. He is beyond good and evil.

  1. It is based on real facts to develop the stories of its characters

The attack on the London Underground and the tsunami in Indonesia represent the starting points of the English boy and French journalist respectively.

  1. Three different stories converge that seemed not to have anything in common at the beginning

What do a French news presenter, an English boy with an alcoholic mother and a single man in San Francisco that’s hopeless with the opposite sex have in common? That’s it.

  1. It has that classic sad/melancholic common point of all Mr. Eastwood movies

Million Dollar Baby, Changeling, Jersey Boys (final part), Gran Torino … In all these films, the main characters experience a high level of loneliness as only Clint knows how to transmit.

  1. It meant the consolidation between Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood

After shooting the film Invictus, Clint Eastwood was so impressed that he offered him the role in Hereafter. The problem was that the shooting coincided with the film Adjustment Bureau, so Matt sent an email suggesting other actors like Christian Bale or Hayde Christensen. Instead of choosing another actor, Clint decided to adjust the shooting dates so Damon could be the main character.

  1. Because I say so

I’m getting older and as such I can pull this resource. All those under 30 do not have this right. It will not be all brushing gray hairs and 48 hours hangovers.

  1. So said Roger Ebert

“This is a film for intelligent people who are naturally curious about what happens when the shutters close.” If you’re not convinced by the reason given above, know this: Mr. Ebert also agreed with me. It is statistically impossible that both Roger and I are wrong.

  1. For a moment it makes you think about what would you ask a loved one who is already in the afterlife

I would certainly ask a million things focused on how it feels over there or what this place looks like where we all will end. But the characters focus on everyday things that had been left unclear or about mistakes they made in the past.

  1. Okay, I only had 9 reasons but 10 looks way cooler

I’m not the only one who has done this. Moses invented sins such as lust to complete his list of 10 commandments.

If you still haven’t decided to watch this awesome movie, here’s the trailer:

Spanish Version

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